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How to use this content:

  • While we recommend watching Lesson 1 before Lesson 2, you can listen to the Slow Session at any point.
  • Otherwise, how you consume this is purely based on your schedule. Whether you want to go through everything on Saturday, do one a day Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or spread them out throughout your week, do whatever works best for you.
  • Occasionally lessons will have recap notes, or a PDF below so those who listen while doing other things with their hands don't have to take notes. (See this in Week One 1.1).
  • Occasionally you'll also find a More On This lesson with additional thoughts or resources on the topic. (See this in Week One 1.2)

How to use the Slow Sessions:

  • You might use this everyday throughout the week.
  • There’s a shorter or longer version. The only difference is the longer version allows more reflection time after the questions. It also reminds you that you can rewind X minutes if you want more music to accompany you to think, talk, or write more.
  • During the reflection times, rather than thinking quietly, think out loud.
  • This could be talking aloud to yourself while driving or home alone, whether stretching or putting on your makeup, or with earbuds in as you walk as though you were on a phone call with me. (An article on 5 scientific reasons talking aloud is valuable.)
  • Or writing. You might do this sitting in front of your desk and type out your answers, or lounge comfortably on the couch and journal your thoughts. (An article or two on the value of writing.)

13 Signs of Burnout Workshop + Quiz (5 min)

Read: How to use this content
Read: How to use the Slow Sessions
Completed: 13 Signs of Burnout Workshop + Quiz
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